Daily.xyz is a visual timeline charting the evolution of AI art. Every day, new artwork is minted by curated emerging and experienced voices, capturing a transformative period in art history in real-time. Our vision is to spotlight and celebrate the defining moments in an artist's journey, framed within the wider narrative of an artform's development.

How it works
  • Each week, we present a calendar of daily, 24-hour auctions from a carefully curated group of AI artists, starting with video.
  • All auctions begin at 1pm ET, starting at a reserve of 0.01eth. Extensions apply in the last 10 minutes if bids are placed.
  • We also offer insights into each creators' processes and inspirations, pairing each artwork with written and audio narratives.
Networked. Daily. Experimentation.
Roope Rainisto, Blue Swan


We're elevating the concept of the 'daily'.

We launch with a single collection and smart contract, inspiring artists to collaborate and build this new world together. For collectors, we expand the 1/1/x model to 1/1/x/y - creating unique artworks that are both part of an artist's journey (x) and the evolution of an artform (y).


We're championing daily interactions.

With our 24-hour auctions and 0.01e reserves, we generate daily attention. We also encourage artists to build in public, openly sharing their creative processes to engage their communities.


We're creating new art history.

We're creating new art history by spotlighting the emergent AI category, introducing novel launch mechanics, and cultivating enduring partnerships with artists.