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Founded by an artist, gallerist and collector, DAILY charts the evolution of AI art.













At a glance

$15m Primary sales

5,000 Collectors

150 Artists

3 Physical spaces

2 Digital platforms

Our ambition is to connect the lineage of art’s rich history, breaking down barriers between the traditional and the new to pave the way for an inspiring and vibrant future.

With private funding, we’re building an ecosystem to support artists and collectors alike, offering both digital and physical spaces for art appreciation and acquisition, alongside comprehensive support services. In just two years, we’ve showcased over 100 emerging and experienced voices, capturing a transformative period in art history in real-time.

DAILY is our AI platform, brought to you by the same team as Fellowship. Some of our featured projects are shared below.

Digital Spaces
DAILYAI Art platform

We presented a special release of both print editions and NFTs of this historical artwork; the first text-to-image model that marked a new era of human-machine collaboration.

  • - Exhibited at Paris Photo, Frieze Gallery, London and Zona MACO, Mexico
  • - Auctioned at Christie's and
  • - Acquired by Worcester Art Museum (USA)
  • - 2709 artworks
  • - $750k primary sales (Dec 2023)
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Elman Mansimov. alignDRAW (2015, minted 2023)

FellowshipNFT Photography Platform

Light Years is a series of NFT artworks complemented by a physical silver gelatin print. They were developed iteratively as Cherniak travelled around the globe researching Moholy-Nagy with the support of his estate.

  • - Exhibited at Paris Photo, 2022
  • - JP Morgan Curator's highlight at Paris Photo, 2022
  • - Collected by LACMA (USA), Buffalo AKG (USA) and ZKM (Germany)
  • - Book published in 2023
  • - $5m primary sales (Dec, 2022)

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Dmitri Cherniak. #68, #69. LightYears (2022)

Physical Spaces

IZZA is a boutique hotel owned and developed by DAILY co-founder 137, exhibiting more than 300 artworks from their personal collection in addition to seasonal shows. IZZA also runs an Associate Artists program for 25 Moroccan artists designed to foster and support their creative expression.

Artists exhibited include Refik Anadol, Dmitri Cherniak, Tyler Hobbs, Graphica, Jacqui Kenny, Roope Rainisto, Yatreda and Emily Xie.


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William Mapan | Dmitri Cherniak. Blotting Seas (2022) | Ringers #656 (2021)

Support Services For Artists
Curatorial, Marketing & Strategic Support

We offer end-to-end curatorial assistance, from refining concepts to selecting artworks, ensuring the artist's vision is effectively communicated. Our marketing and strategic services include video production, writing exhibition texts and artist bios, minting best practices and release cadence, to legal support for copyrights and contracts.

Dmitri Cherniak. LightYears (2022). Video Produced by Fellowship

Institutional Placement

Specializing in the placement of artists' work in renowned museums, we aid in career validation and progression. Notable placements include LightYears: LACMA, Buffalo AKG and ZKM, Carpoolers: SFMoMA, alignDRAW: Worcester Art Museum.

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Elman Mansimov. alignDRAW (2015, minted 2023). 3 artworks acquired by Worcester Art Museum.


We oversee the production of physical prints from digital artworks and pursue publishing opportunities to broaden artists' portfolios and audience reach. Our innovative print claim system (in development) creates a new “Print Deed” NFT for the holder of the artwork NFT which symbolizes their exclusive right to purchase an editioned print (at cost). This deed can also be traded on the secondary market.

Niceaunties. Auntiverse (2024). Installation in a private residence, London


Our co-founder Alejandro Cartagena has published over 30 books and brings his experience to Fellowship / DAILY. LightYears by Dmitri Cherniak, a limited edition of 1,000 hardback books, is our inaugural publishing venture.

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Dmitri Cherniak. LightYears (2022). Book Published by Fellowship. Image courtesy of artist

Private Sales

We have a strong network of respected digital and traditional art collectors globally, enabling us to faciliate over-the-counter (OTC) and direct sales. Examples include NiceAunties to Flamingo DAOShare and REWORLD to a traditional art collector building a significant digital art collectionShare

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Tweet thread courtesy of Flamingo.


Our co-founders are avid personal collectors and as an organization we are also building a permanent collection. So for an artist, we are often one of the first and largest supporters of your work. We’re building a beautiful way to display our collection but in the meantime, browse co-founder 137’s collection hereShare

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Roope Rainisto. All The Same. REWORLD (2023).