Teaching Notes from NASA
Learning how to cook at the Nice Aunties Sushi Academy (NASA) is a complex endeavour. It requires a variety of tools, rare ingredients, and unusual processes. The aunties offer glimpses into their extensive recipe cookbooks, accompanied by some verbal warnings. In three languages, overlapped and whispered, they caution: 'I want to teach you how to cook, but whether it's edible is something else entirely.' The AI film depicts cooking components like white hair, scissors, unknown tools, sushi, and creatures. The film concludes with a dreamlike, absurd sequence where the aunties are seen mechanically recording or referring to a library of cookbooks and cooking secrets on the moon. Created in Dalle3 and animated in Runwayml.
AI generated music by Niceaunties, Sound design by Niceaunties

Listen to an Audio Reflection from Niceaunties discussing this work.

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