Elman Mansimov.

alignDRAW at Paris Photo. 2023

"This is the Nicéphore Niépce of AI... This is amazing".

Darius Himes, International Head of Photographs at Christie's













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Date: Dec 11, 7:00 PM ET

Artworks: 2709

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The first ever text-to-image artworks.

By early 2015, neural networks had mastered the art of 'image-to-text' and could create natural language captions for images. Flipping this process, and turning text into image, was a much more complex challenge, solved by 19-year old prodigy Elman Mansimov's alignDRAW model.

DAILY is pleased to present a special release of this historical artwork, containing all the original 32x32 pixel images. alignDRAW also acts as a community token for our collectors to access discounts and exclusive access to future releases.

“These images represent the birth of text prompt AI generated imagery.” - Darius Himes, Christie’s

The alignDRAW 2015 project marks the beginning of a new paradigm in image creation. Photography was already two hundred years old at the time, while computer graphics were fifty-five years old. The first 3D wireframe computer graphics appeared in 1960. Ivan Sutherland, an MIT student, created Sketchpad, the first interactive CAD system, in 1961-1962. Sketchpad gives visual commands to the computer via the interactive screen, and the computer responds by drawing lines.

However, generative media has brought yet another surprising method of creating visuals with computers. You can now describe a desired image using natural language rather than creating it by hand, using mechanical or software devices, or capturing it with a lens. You are able to generate an infinite number of visual universes simply by naming them, which is extremely amazing. While we can debate whether AI is “creative” or not, in my perspective, it is already technically more proficient than most art students and adult artists.

When we look at the initial low-resolution and hazy images from nearly two centuries ago, we see the whole future potential of photography, which eventually became the dominating imaging and communication technology of our time. And when I look at comparable low-resolution alignDRAW pictures, I see a similar promise for a new major visual method that could very soon become as essential as lens photography was in the last two hundred years. This is why these images are valuable, magical, and worth collecting.
- Lev Manovich

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