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Charlie Engman.

Pressed Flowers I (2023)

I created this [Frieze Magazine] series in response to living in New York City. The AI image generators' uncanny misunderstanding of physical bodies and space felt like a perfect analog for my experience of living in a city that is as chaotic as it is cliche.

Charlie Engman













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Date: Mar 29, 1:00 PM ET

Artworks: 13

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Misunderstandings (or Life on the Island) is a series of 10 artworks Engman produced for Frieze Magazine and 3 artworks from his interview with The New Yorker.
An art practice questions: image relationships, image expectations and their establishment. AI image generators are a tool to explore these; they create new images from vast pre-existing imagery, unconstrained by visual culture expectations. They predict from all preceding images and tags, unbound by human logic or cultural codes, making images reflecting these codes in unexpected ways. It's a captivating collapse of category distinctions and an interaction between untrained naivety and appreciation of precedent.
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