One Thing is One Thing (and Not Another)


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Date: Jun 03, 1:00 PM ET

Artworks: 15

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One Thing is One Thing (and Not Another)
A dissolution of the figurative
Artificial intelligence systems, particularly those built on machine learning, approach data with a literal bias. They are trained on extensive datasets where each piece—whether text, image, or sound—is distinctly categorized, fostering an understanding of clear, direct patterns. This method mirrors the human tendency to categorize and simplify, leading to a consensus on what constitutes a typical depiction of everyday visuals like dogs or clouds, and even extends to our preferences for aesthetics within these categories.
Yet, what occurs when we strip away these predefined categories? The concept of the abstract involves detaching or removing elements from their known associations. This series challenges the viewer to reconsider these visuals without their conventional symbolic meanings, tangible realities, and materialistic attributes. It questions what one perceives when the familiar rational structures are absent, transforming the artwork into a new, almost unrecognizable language.
While there is a strong cultural impetus to immortalize art, making it static and unchanging, this collection argues for the significance of transient art. Art that evolves, dissolves, and reforms in response to new stimuli can more authentically mirror the fluid nature of human experience than static images can.
Integral to this exploration is the role of sound. Synchresis, the fusion of sound and visual movement occurring simultaneously, becomes a crucial tool. This synchronization is not just a technical feat but a transformative artistic process, enabling these abstract works to convey emotions, energy, and concepts that go beyond traditional narrative storytelling. In abstract films and artworks where the linkage between sound and image is intentionally ambiguous, Synchresis powerfully enhances the sensory experience, engaging viewers in a deep, multi-modal dialogue.
All the animations stem from one single image that I gradually developed into different abstract creations through artbreeder. I used prompts of poetry, abstracts in science, some of my own photography to create one image after the other. These images then served as input for the animation together with prompts to guide the fluid motion while keeping AI from gravitating back towards the literal too much.
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